Serena Williams Planning to retire from tennis after US Open 2022.

image Credit- Social Media

Sarena Williams has announced that She will be retiring from Tennis after the US Open this year.

The 40 year old lady has been a global icon thanks to the sport,

and she intends to move away from Tennis to focus on her family.

Serena has won 23 grand slam in her career.

and She is considered as one of the best tennis player ever.

Serena Williams will turn 41 next Months.

Williams Said- Believe me, I never wanted to have choose between Tennis and Family.

If I were a guy, I will not be writing this because at the time when i am playing my partner will be taking care of all these things..

Williams played on a tennis court for first time in WTA Toronto tournament.

She won her first round watch against NuriaParrizasDiaz in straight sets

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